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Real Title provides

Title Insurance
Underwriting &
Closing Services

Commercial Real Estate
and Residential Real Estate

About Us


Real Title is committed to providing excellent service regardless of the type of title solution is needed, both for Commercial Real Estate and Residential Real Estate.  Real Title provides consistent, knowledgeable, and reliable services to ensure valued, lifelong relationships.

Real Title's team of professionals will work with you in a responsive, respectful manner to provide comprehensive title services including title insurance, underwriting, and closing services. 


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With decades of experience, the professional team at Real Title is capable of handling the most complex commercial real estate transactions.  From multi-family units to land acquisitions and more, Real Title is dedicated to providing attention to detail and accuracy to ensure a timely closing.


Real Title's team of professional residential title agents are here to ensure that your transaction closes quickly and accurately.  We will work closely with you to make sure that your experience is superb and the specific needs of your residential real estate transaction are handled in a timely manner.


A limited title search is available to determine the viability of refinance options, to determine ownership, and for determining available equity. 

A lien search is used to search for outstanding debts including federal taxes and state taxes that have resulted in a lien being placed on a property.

Real Lending has the experience, expertise, and resources to conduct these searches for you, saving you both time and money.



Real Title is my first choice for Title & Escrow services. They are very professional, friendly,  knowledgeable, prompt and will go the extra mile for their clients in a heartbeat! I'm truly grateful and appreciative of the awesome team at Real Title. 

Marcy Pence, Real Estate Investor

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